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Freediving is becoming a five-star experience among divers around the World. This discipline, which history has its roots in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome, is now in its renaissance era. The AIDA freediving course, offered by Bali Diving Academy, will help you acquire the essential tools and skills you need to go on this new adventure.

There is a magical subaquatic world to discover when you go diving. Freediving is all about the natural state of being, mental stamina and the enjoyment of the marvelous flora and fauna intertwining around you.

You are learning about yourself as much as you are exploring the waters and its biodiversity. Holding your breath underwater is a serene and quiet experience, which makes you weightless and free.

This sport is somewhat holistic, paving the way to authentic self-discovery and combining physical and mental training, breath work and techniques, intuition, knowledge and psychology.

There is a soulful aspect of freediving too, making it beneficial in more than one area of your life, because deep in the water, you will learn about the balance between the physical body and the spiritual mind. Bali is the ideal place to start this journey.

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