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We are Bali Diving Academy, one of the best scuba diving centers in bali. We can cater to everybody, through our diving courses from Beginner to Professional, fun dives for certified divers, freediving for those who want to do it all natural by breath holding, and snorkeling for those who prefer to stay at the surface.






Discover the beautiful Menjangan Island Marine Park and relaxing atmosphere of Pemuteran Bay
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The best place to get up close with Manta Rays and Mola Molas
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Probably the most famous Divesite in Bali, the USS Liberty Wreck is full of marine life
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Your gateway for amazing diving and snorkeling daytrips from South Bali.
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For anyone at every level we bring you to eplore the ocean


Get your scuba diving certifications with the PADI 5 Stars Dive Center



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Ready to take a step forward? We offer everything you need to become a Dive Professional.


Go back to the source and dive the original way by holding your breath. Experience the silence of the ocean meanwhile explore your own body and mind underwater.


Yoga freediving and scubadiving retreats

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Combine scuba diving training with marine conservation

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Drift /Deep/Photography/Marine biology/Pelagic
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Padang Bai

Padang Bai

Night /Photography/Snorkeling
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Wreck/Wall/ Macro/Snorkeling
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    After moving from Italy to Asia 10 years ago I got exposed to scuba diving and the amazing wonders of the underwater world. Together with my wife Jacqueline, diving became our common passion and the main activity for every holiday we would plan.

    We spent 3 months here for our PADI instructor course and the charm of Bali made us fall in love with the underwater world instantly. After a while , I realized that I should follow my passion for diving in life . So I made a bold move , sold my business in Hong Kong , brought my wife and also a new family member ,Gaia my daughter, to Bali.

    Being a diver gives you a very strong connection to the ocean and the importance of preserving the environment becomes even more urgent and crucial. One of the best path to reach a balance between man and nature is usually reached when its clear that a healthy environment is mutually beneficial to all.

    BDA strives to hire local staff, by training new guides, divemaster, instructors and captains, and to be involved with the local communities sharing our passion for the ocean with the guest coming from all over the world but also with the people that are all around us in this beautiful land.

    We are the strongest ambassadors for our oceans and that is what Bali Diving Academy will always stand for.

    I was born and grew up in a little village up in the hills of Banyuwangi, East Java. My childhood was wonderful, I lived surrounded by beautiful nature, such as rice fields, small rivers, cocoa plantations and many more. I am in love  with nature above and underwater! After my graduation, I moved to Bali to start my career. In September 2011, I joined Bali Diving Academy, in position as Office Manager.  I am in charge of Sales and Reservation, HRD and General Affairs. What I love most about working at BDA is that the people here are very professional and to me they are more like my family rather than my boss or my colleagues. When I go to work, I don’t feel that I am going to the “office” but I feel that I am going to my second home.

    I, together with my husband, manage Bali Diving Academy in Pemuteran.  I am originally from South Africa, but got bitten by the diving bug and started travelling in 1998.  Since then I have worked in many different countries as a diving instructor.  We moved to Pemuteran in March 2013, after being attracted to the area by the beautiful coral reefs and abundance of marine life.  From the beginning I was fascinated by the Biorock Project and simply blown away by the speed of growth of the reef.  We do a lot of our training dives on the Biorock, so we help the Biorock Center by doing regular reef clean-ups and we also remove crown-of-thorn starfish when necessary.  After 25 years as a diver I still love diving and introducing people to the underwater world. I recently got certified as a Reef Check Instructor and am looking forward to sharing my passion for conservation with our divers.

    I grew up by the sea in Banyopoh and taught myself to swim after watching how my friends were doing it.  After school I first worked in a hotel and then at an oyster farm, where I spent a lot of time in the water pulling around oyster platforms.  In 2004 I got a job with a dive center and they taught me to dive.  I loved being in the water but was very scared in the beginning; I thought there were lots of big things that might like to eat me!  In 2009 I moved over to Bali Diving Academy in Pemuteran where I eventually did my Diving Instructor and Emergency First Responder Instructor courses.  Teaching people to dive is really my passion and I even got a Certificate of Excellence from PADI for teaching.  I believe it is important to stay involved in environment projects, so I help with a village reforestation project to prevent erosion and also help with beach and underwater clean ups, as well as crown-of-thorn control.  I am married and father to three girls.

    I’ve always been an ocean person, from a young age I dreamt I could breathe underwater. When I was 10 years old I witnessed divers training in a deep pool where I had my swim practice. I knew it would be part of my future. Completed my Open Water when I was 15 and never stopped diving. I’ve now been a scuba diver for 20 years.

    I’ve had the priviledge to travel and dive all over, both for work and pleasure; Galápagos, Bonaire, Belize, Cuba, Bahamas, Hawaii, Florida, California, Mexico, Venezuela, France, Mauritius, Thailand, Brazil (where I’m from), and Indonesia (where I’m now lucky to call home) are all on the list of places I’ve had the pleasure to explore and would gladly return to. At Bali Diving Academy I get to combine both my career paths – marine science and scuba diving. Let me take you into the blue!

    I first started working at Bali Diving Academy as compressor staff, filling the tanks. After a few years I did my Open Water course and loved it! Growing up in Tulamben and living next to the ocean all my life, I was a natural in the water. Once I qualified as a Divemaster, it helped a lot that I already knew all the Tulamben divesites like the back of my hand! In 2019 Bali Diving Academy sent me to do my PADI Instructor course. It was very hard work, but I passed! I love working as a professional diver, because I get to meet people from all over the world with completely different cultures and characters. And, of course, there is always something new to discover underwater.

    Growing up, I knew nothing about the ocean.  I was trained in hospitality, but when the hotel changed owners, I lost my job.  A friend recommended me to the manager of Bali Diving Academy for a job as helper.  On the first day that I went out on the boat, I was horribly seasick.  Same on the second day!  I went home and told my father that this was not the job for me.  He told me: ‘You did not find this job, this job found you.  Give it a chance.  And by the way, it is probably a good time to learn to swim!’  I gave it a chance and I learned to swim and to speak English.  I was really scared when I did my Open Water Course, but finally I was comfortably enough to work as a snorkel guide.  In 2017 I became a Divemaster and in 2019 Bali Diving Academy sent me to do my PADI Instructor course!  I love diving, especially with new divers, as I understand a lot of the challenges they have.  Apart from diving, I work closely with students in the local community and help to arrange cultural events.  I am married and father to a young boy.

    Coming from Nusa Penida as well as having a father who is a fisherman, it is only natural for me to be working in an industry that is related to the ocean. As a compressor tender, I get the opportunity to utilize the skills I’ve learned from my job experience as a mechanic. At the same time, Bali Diving Academy has given me the opportunity to learn how to operate a dive boat and get qualified as a boat captain. I am also a Divemaster Trainee at the moment and working towards getting my Divemaster certification.

    I’m Balinese but was born in Lombok. Living close to the beach meant that I always felt connected to the ocean. In 2001 I fell in love with diving, when I discovered the beautiful colors and fascinating creatures of the underwater world! Now diving is part of my life and I have been working for Bali Diving Academy since 2008. Whenever you have plans to visit Bali, I’m here to share my experience and more than happy to assist you, so hope to see you soon in Bali!

    I have been working for Bali Diving Academy since September 2013. I enjoy working here because I feel comfortable with the working environment and the team. I’m working as accountant which is my educational background.

    I was born in a small village in Lamongan, East Java, but I am happy to live in bali now because of its natural beauty. I joined Bali Diving Academy in December 2017 and has worked in the Operations department ever since then. I enjoy my job because I love working as part of a solid, professional team. I found a second family among the staff of Bali Diving Academy!

    My father was a fisherman so I grew up by the sea.  I don’t remember exactly when I learned to swim; I just know that I loved the water from a very young age.  When I was 10 years old I started to work at a dive center for pocket money.  I helped to keep their temple clean, carried tanks and helped to clean diving equipment.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I finished school:  work at a dive center!  I started to work as helped and eventually, once my English was good enough, became a snorkel guide.  In 2015 I did my Divemaster course and now I am in the water almost every day, showing people the marine life in Pemuteran.  Diving is my passion and I love to find small little critters to show to my guests.  I also volunteer at the Biorock Project and help with repairs and structure clean-ups.  I am married and father to a young boy.

    I cannot remember a time when I did not come to the beach every day.  My father was a fisherman and I while growing up, I was always either in the water or on the water, in the boat.  I love the ocean and could not imagine a job which would take me away from it.  When I was a young boy, I worked at a local dive center for pocket money (with my friend Gede!).  We both helped to carry tanks, clean equipment and do other small jobs around the dive center.  When I finished school, I started working as a helper and eventually became a snorkel guide once my English was good enough.  In 2013 I finished my Divemaster course and since then I have been working as dive guide.  I love to introduce people to the diving in Pemuteran and Menjangan and to show them all the different critters.  In my free time I help out at the Biorock Project to maintain structures and do clean-ups.  I am married and father of a boy.

    After I finished school I worked as a gardener in Nusa Dua until I decided to move closer to my family in Pemuteran. I heard about a job opening up as helper on a dive boat.  Over the next few years I worked my way up from helper to snorkeling guide and eventually to dive guide.  One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome was learning to swim at the age of 30!  I worked as a Divemaster for 3 years.  Last year Bali Diving Academy offered me the opportunity to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.  I had to work really hard, especially since I had to do the whole course in English, but I passed the exam and taught my first course in August 2016.  I love the challenge of teaching beginners to dive and to introduce them to the underwater world.  When I am not teaching, I often help out at the Biorock Project, to do underwater cleanups and to plant baby corals.  I am married and the father of two young boys.

    During and after high school I worked in a hotel, where I learned to speak English.  I started as bell-boy and finally worked on the reception.  After a few years I decided to look for a new challenge.  I applied for a job as snorkel guide with Bali Diving Academy and was accepted because of my language ability.  Even though I hadn’t snorkeled before, I could not really swim, so that was the first thing I had to learn!  The other staff helped to teach me and after 3 months I could independently work as snorkel guide. My ultimate dream was to become a Freediver Instructor and Bali Diving Academy gave me the possibility to become one. I went to Gili Air for one month and was trained by the renowned school of Oli Christen. When I finished my course I was the first Balinese person to be certified as an AIDA Freediver Instructor! I am able to dive to a depth of 40 meters and hold my breath for more than 4 minutes. I truly love teaching freediving and to share my passion with others. I am newly married.

    Because I have always been at sea I started to work for Bali Diving Academy as a boat captain. I am grateful to Bali Diving Academy because this company has given me the opportunity to learn diving and taught me all the steps up to becoming a PADI Divemaster. I like diving because I live near the beach, and I also want to know the beauty of coral reefs and the habitat in it. I am a father of 2 teenage children.

    I originally worked in housekeeping and behind the bar in a hotel until I heard of a job opening at Bali Diving Academy as a snorkel guide.  I was lucky that I could already swim, thanks to my uncle teaching me when I was around 8 years old.  I could not speak really good English when I applied for the job, but they took me on for a trial period and I managed to learn fast!  After 3 months my English was good enough and I started to work as snorkel guide at Bali Diving Academy.  Today I am a PADI Divemaster!!  I love music and whenever I am not working you can find me playing drums or guitar and singing! I am married and the father of a newborn baby girl.

    After school I completed a 1 year diploma in tourism and then worked as a trainee in the restaurant at Taman Sari for 6 months.  After another 6 months of freelance work I applied for a job as admin staff at Bali Diving Academy.  I knew nothing about computers or admin work, but spoke some English, so they were willing to give me the necessary training.  I found that I could manage the office very well and have now been in charge of the office for 6 years.  I am married and mother of a boy and a girl.

    My father was a boat driver, so I learned to drive boats at a young age.  After I finished school I worked for a while as a boat captain on the traditional boats.  My brother worked as driver for Bali Diving Academy and when a job as captain opened up in 2012, he encouraged me to apply for it.  Today I am the Head Captain and in charge of the maintenance of all our engines.  I like to learn new things and taught myself how to fix many different types of machines from watching the mechanics at work.  I am also a PADI Advanced Diver and enjoy being in the water.  I am married and father of a girl and a boy.

    I was born in south Celebes island, grew up in Jakarta and finished my bachelors degree in law at Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung. During the six years I studied there, I joined a student association called Mahitala Unpa, for environment and adventure activities. We did some expeditions including mountain climbing, caving, rock climbing, rafting and diving. After that I combined law and nature for my final research paper in order to criticize and also advise stakeholders to protect a wildlife sanctuary at Mount Papandayan, West Java. After spending so much time exploring and learning, I fell completely in love with nature and I felt connected to the cosmos as a whole. I decided to follow my passion by working and living in harmony with nature and the ocean.

    Before joining Bali Diving Academy in 2014, I worked as a seaweed farmer in Nusa Lembongan. In the past Lembongan was famous for its seaweed and most of us who grew up on the island, had a close connection to the farms. I decided to join Bali Diving Academy as a captain as it is based in Nusa Lembongan, so I get to be with my family. Also, with my past experience and knowledge of the sea conditions around Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida, I am able to contribute to the team by giving advice regarding the challenging currents in the area.

    After I finished school I worked for a while as a delivery driver for a building supply company, but I did not enjoy it very much.  After 2 years I heard that a dive center was looking for a helper on their boat, so I applied and got trained up as boat helper and eventually as captain.  After I few years I had worked my way up to head captain!  When I heard that my favorite boat was getting sold to Bali Diving Academy, and that they were looking for another captain, I decided to follow my boat.  I love working on the ocean and the challenge of keeping control of a boat in varying weather and ocean conditions.  I am married and have one son and one daughter.

    After I finished school I started to work on a farm and did that for many years.  I eventually found work in Nusa Dua with a parasailing company.  It was my job to catch people as they were coming in for the landing! Eventually I started to work during the high season with Bali Diving Academy as a helper on their boats.  The first few trips I was really scared because I could not swim and the waves were quite big sometimes!  The next season I helped again, learned to swim and speak some English and they offered me a job.  I am now qualified as Captain and Open Water Diver and not scared of the waves anymore.  I am married and father of a boy and a girl.

    My father was a fisherman, so I grew up by the sea and learned to swim when I was very young.  Most of my childhood was spent playing with my friends on the beach.  After school I found work as a security guard, but did not really enjoy it.  I heard about a captain’s internship at Bali Diving Academy and was accepted for it.  For four months the Head Captain trained me intensively in all weather and ocean conditions until I was ready to get my Captain’s license.  I really enjoy working on the sea and am a PADI Open Water diver!  I am married and the father of a boy.

    I started to work part-time as waiter at a restaurant when I was only 15, which gave me a lot of opportunity to practice my English.  After school I applied for a job at Bali Diving Academy and, even though I was only 17, I was taken on for a trial period and trained as snorkel guide.  Swimming was not a problem for me, I taught myself to swim when I was very young as I spent a lot of time on the beach with my friends and family.  Once I turned 18 I started to work as full-time as snorkel guide.  I am an Advanced diver and will do my Rescue Diver course in the next few months.  I love the ocean and showing marine life to our guests.  My other passion is music and at the moment I am teaching myself to play the guitar. I am married and have a newborn baby girl.

    I used to be a fisherman with my own boat.  One of the dive centers in Pemuteran sometimes used to rent my boat for their divers and I started to help out with filling their tanks.  When Bali Diving Academy took over from them they asked me if I wanted to stay on as full-time compressor man and I accepted.  I have been working here since 2007!  I am a PADI Open Water Diver, married and have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

    I have had many jobs in the past but before I started to work in security I worked at a shrimp farm in Pemuteran.  I decided to change to security work because I like to work at night.  I started to work for Bali Diving Academy in 2014.  I am married and have one daughter.

    I have had many jobs in my life and worked on farms, in factories and on construction sites.  About 10 years ago I switched to security work and eventually started to work as security guard for Bali Diving Academy.  I am married and have a son and 2 daughters.  My son, Komang, works as snorkel guide with Bali Diving Academy.

    I have spent most of my youth in the ocean and waters near Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida. Since I live in Nusa Lembongan, working in Bali Diving Academy as part of the diving support team is ideal because it is close to where my family is.

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