The Beauty of Underwater Photography Courses

If you’re a diver, then you understand how magnificently beautiful the underwater world is, with its flickering lights and booming life all around you. Even the tiniest glimpse of what is under the water’s surface can change your whole perspective of what you once considered beautiful.

On the other hand, photographers always escalate the magic happening right in front of their eyes, and it’s only natural in their pursuit of beauty that they should stumble upon the aquatic world. If you feel that you belong in one or both of these categories, then our underwater photography courses are for you!

Becoming an underwater photographer can be a fantastic journey filled with pictures of blooming corals in rainbow colors and rich biodiversity. Moreover, Bali and especially Pemuteran has incredible marine structures, and that makes it one of the most ideal places for you to refine this skill. Once you start diving and taking pictures of the Biorock for instance, you’ll know that you made the right decision.

However, on the more technical side of things, if you want to further your knowledge of underwater photography, in our courses you will learn everything about: (1) Macro mode – for most cameras, this range will be 1-2 inches to 2 feet (2) Underwater composition (3) Filling the frame with your subject (4) Flash diffusers (5) Achieving focus and more

All in one we will show you how to take impressive underwater pictures.

This course is suitable for both complete beginners and photographers with a bit of experience. At the end of each day your Photo Pro will sit down and look at your photos to see where you can improve. You will also be shown how to edit your photos using Photoshop, Lightroom or Gimp (your choice).  The time required for the workshop is 3 days and we limit the size of the group to 3 photographers maximum per instructor. The workshop includes 5 dives in sites suitable for either macro or wide-angle photography. The total price is IDR 5'200'000.

Simply write us a WA or send us an inquiry to subscribe or ask any question you might have!


Review of Our Underwater Photography Classes

One of the testimonials of our customers who have experienced our underwater photography classes with our rewarded photo pro:

I'd already got an underwater housing and had some strobes, but my photography was not great. I don't really take many "above-water" shots, so I needed photography basics, as well as underwater specialist advice. Dray, one of the managers, ran one of the underwater photography courses with me, brought his own photography, experience and editing prowess, along with a powerpoint presentation he'd created himself.

The house reef is great for the course - there's virtually no current, it's very warm water and the visibility was often good. The sunken coral-covered underwater structures like "the goddess" are surrounded by fish, so that makes it a great spot for wide-angle shots. There's a good number of Macro subjects - I especially like the nudis, and there were lots of them. I feel that my photography improved dramatically after the course.”

RobbieH20 from London, the United Kingdom via TripAdvisor

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The PADI Underwater Photography Course

What do you know about the PADI underwater photography course? It’s one of the most popular diving specialties according to PADI statistics, and you can obtain certification in any PADI Dive Center. The Bali Diving Academy is one of them.

This is a relatively short course recommended for anyone that wants to learn the basics of digital underwater photography very quickly and efficiently as well as for very beginner. In fact, even PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers who are at least 10 years old are also eligible to take this course. It’s fun, interesting and exciting for everyone involved. Plus, you walk away from this course with new skills and some memorable experiences.