The Bali Diving Academy Underwater Photography Workshops

Here, at the Bali Diving Academy, we feature underwater photography workshops for every level. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the subject, our experts will make sure you learn the basics. In fact, the only two things that are required are a passion for the underwater world and that you are a certified diver. You can leave everything else up to us!

We’ll take care of accommodation, transfers and all the other diving requirements you and your friends might need. Simply send us a WA or send an inquiry for any question or booking.

(Oh yes and you might wondering who took the above picture? It is our photo pro Dray who would love to show you how. By the way it won the first price of the Underwater Creative Photography Award from Beneath The Sea contest which is the America's largest consumer and dive travel show.) 

Here’s a short preview of the workshops we offer at the Bali Diving Academy:


Custom Workshops for Underwater Photography

The beauty and the benefits of any custom workshop are rather apparent. Thus, you get to tailor the experience according to your personal preferences and requirements. If you’re a beginner that likes fast-paced learning, or if you’re an experienced photographer that needs a specific type of knowledge, this workshop is for you!

Moreover, the whole program can be centered around your personal and technical inclinations. For example, it won’t matter which type of camera you’re using, a compact camera or the biggest SLR camera, because we’ll make the workshop fit you!

However, the minimum requirement of this workshop is 30 people, so you should keep that in mind. Further, if you have any questions, or if you would like something specific and only for you, contact us and we’ll figure something out together!


Basics Workshops for Divers and Photographers

This is by far the most popular underwater photography course offered at the Bali Diving Academy, and people seem to love it! In fact, it’s a somewhat new and exciting experience for any diver that wants to memorialize and share the aquatic splendor he encountered during his dives.

As the name implies, it’s suitable for everyone that wants to learn the basics of underwater photography. This includes divers and photographers. Thus, we begin with a technical introduction and a short lecture where we will explain the equipment and how to use it. You will learn about all you need to impress with your underwater pictures.

This workshop is limited to three photographers maximum per professional photographer, it lasts for three days, and it includes five dives.


Advanced Workshops for Underwater Photography

The advanced workshops for underwater photography are perfect for anyone that already has experience and knowledge of the basics. Therefore, if you want to learn about half under/half over techniques, diving with a model, super macro, creative lighting techniques and snoots, then this is the place for you.

Moreover, if you have any specific area that you want to concentrate on, let us know so we can pair you up with the right instructor. These underwater photography courses last for two days and include four dives. Because of safety reasons, there are only three photographers in a group with one instructor.

If you have any additional questions or inquiries regarding the underwater photography courses, contact us, and we will explain everything step by step!





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