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FREEDIVER BEGINNER COURSE in Pemuteran is the introduction to the fascinating world of freediving.

First of all it will introduce you to what it is all about: relaxation and knowing your body. Then you will start with breathing and breath-holding exercises before you learn the basic skills and safety measures in the water.

Day 1

Theory session about physiology of breath-holding, relaxation exercies

Confined water session including relaxation exercises, static apnea, buddying and rescue exercise

Open water session and free immersion to practise relaxation and equalization as well as duck diving

Overnight in Giri Sari Hotel in Pemuteran

Day 2

Confined water session including dynamic apnea, focusing on proper body position and finning technique

Open water session on constant weight, rescue exercise and buddying

written exam in case of AIDA (PADI and AIDA are the two main organisations offering certification and strict rules in freediving)

Overnight in Giri Sari Hotel in Pemuteran


Day 3


Open water session (only for AIDA course) including constant weight and buddying, strong focus on fine tuning all the techniques

Price including accommodation with breakfast, entire course, equipement, AIDA and PADI instructor, 10% taxes

EUR 306 (no hidden costs!)