You will get familiar with a new, underwater world filled with wonders and colors. Pemuteran subaquatic has unexpected beauty, full of soft and hard corals, bigger animals like eagle rays and whale shark, an impressive variety of nudibranch and even a famous temple underwater. Divers all around the world have already fallen in love with the Pemuteran diving experience.

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Pemuteran is a small village in north Bali mids a tourism boost. The beautiful vistas of West Bali National Park and the growing popularity of the Biorock, the world’s most studied and well-taken care artificial reef project, have put this diving paradise on the map.

The restoration and conservation of the corals have transformed the bottom of the ocean into a gallery. The reefs are becoming pieces of art, and the calm waters are perfect for diving and snorkeling.


The best Bali Diving Academy Pemuteran has to offer.

The Bali Diving Academy pioneered diving in Bali in 1991, and since then we have a 100% safety track record. We are a community-based, eco-friendly company with a Trip Advisor certificate of excellence and a PADI 5 star IDC center. Professionalism and the safety of our divers are crucial to us, and that is why we never dive in a group bigger than four. We want to provide you with the best diving experience in Bali.  


I did five dives with Bali Dive Academy, and it was amazing. First of all the area is just gorgeous and with the amazing staff of BDA, it was just perfect. I made a day trip to Pulau Menjangan, did my deep advance dive and did two normal dives in the area. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They take their time to help you with everything. It was a joy being there.”

Askok, The Netherlands on Trip Advisor


To make it easier for our customers, Bali Diving Academy Pemuteran offers you packages which include accommodation and transportation. If you want to indulge yourself, we recommend the Taman Sari or Amertha Bali Villas built in Balinese style with a modern, lavish twist. The Tirta Sari Bungalow, Giri Sari or Pondok Rahayu feature charming and calming atmosphere for a budget accommodation.



Finding inner balance and peace while practicing yoga and diving in Pemuteran.

We feature a special offer on mindfulness and beautiful underwater explorations in a diving and yoga private retreat in Bali. You will have the chance to practice hatha yoga in the mornings and yin yoga in the evenings with a small group of like-minded people. Dive deep into yourself through guided meditation and heal your soul with dives in the ocean.

Restore your life energy levels performing the holistic Qigong and take part in a breathwork workshop. This package comes with six ocean dives.  Four in Pemuteran Bay and two in the National Park protected Menjangan Island. After an eventful day of diving in Pemuteran, you can choose between a traditional Balinese massage with oils and acupressure, Shiatsu or Reiki treatment.

A visit to the Munduk waterfalls, hot springs and Hindu and Buddhist temples is planned to make the Bali experience complete. We will organize the transportation to the resort and for all your daily excursions and activities. The menu features tasty, vegetarian dishes, healthy snacks, coconut water and teas and coffee. Seeing natures diversity and stunning underwater corals first hand can be nothing less than rejuvenating for you.



Pemuteran dive sites and diving courses to experience on your vacation.

Pemuteran dive sites we recommend visiting, depending on your diving level:

  • Napoleon Reef for Beginners – diverse in soft and hard corals, with a rich aquatic life and frequent visits from whale sharks, eagle rays, whitetip reef shark, octopuses and other gorgeous ocean residents;
  • Biorock Reef / Reborn Reef for Beginners – a combination of natural and artificial coral reef, you will see the installments and results of the Biorock project midst various species of fish tangling around you. The perfect spot for night Pemuteran diving;
  • Temple Wall Pemuteran for Advanced divers – a spectacular site with incredible structure, which is also part of the Biorock project. An underwater temple made completely out of corals and statues;
  • Close encounters for all levels – a breathtaking coral garden and a busy ocean life. With the right current, you will get a glimpse of thousands of fish swimming around the reef; there is a big possibility to see turtles, reef sharks, crabs and other ocean animals;
  • Biowreck for all levels – pink corals, huge sponges, and numerous species of fish will catch your eye. The place got its name because of the artificial metal structure of a shipwreck covered in corals.


“I did my rescue and divemaster course at BDA. It was great. The staff is very professional, and the management is in good hands with Karin and Dray. I have been doing a lot of diving and must say that this is a PADI 5 STAR resort. They have earned it. The equipment is excellent and the environment clean. They are situated in front of the Biorock, an artificial reef for the preservation of coral.

Michel, Indonesia on Trip Advisor



Rediscovering the pure state of freediving in the Pemuteran Bay. 

Freediving is an art form that has always been a part of history. The Greeks were diving for sponges, while the Japanese and Korean Ama people are still freediving for oysters and pearls. However, this is not only a new and modern sport but a philosophical and ontological state of understanding the self and the ocean. We offer three levels of freediving; the beginner, advanced and master freediver.

It is a form of natural diving by holding your breath, which will bring you back to the beginning. We will provide you with the necessary training in breathing, finning, and equalization techniques to achieve the required mental state to try this remarkable experience. You will understand the pleasure of absolute tranquility and beauty of the deep blue ocean.

Pemuteran diving features the best dive sites Bali has to offer, and The Bali Diving Academy has the professional team which will make that experience unique to you and your loved ones. In the words of diving legend Jacques Mayol, "Freediving is about silence...the silence that comes from within."

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