Socially ethical and eco consciouns is the key to a long term vision of a sustainable and transparent company.

Look where our staff t-shirts and retail t-shirts come from:

Out t-shirts are made from cotton from a responsible source and in a regulated environment. They are dyed with the most modern technology called Cold Pad Batch Dyeing which uses 80% less water than the conventional process. The print are made from Japanese high tech inks which are 100% free of PVC, dangerous phthalates, formaldahyde , heavy metals, AZO compounds and non-ylphenol Xenoestrogens. Finally the t-shirts are washed to prevent shrinking using plants based detergent. Moreover, they are packaged in 100% compostable cassava starch bags.

Last but not least: the textiles are sewn in Bali and by Balinese. It allows to control the production in a socially ehtical way and avoid terrible histories we all heard from Bangladesh etc.