Lembongan Cleaning is a brand new and fantastic organization collecting everyday waste to be recycled.

Not many people believed in it saying Carmen (the founder) won’t be able to succeed, we have supported her right from the beginning as we were thinking “it is worth trying anyway, our earth deserves it!”. However now we can say the success is phenomenal, they already recycled several tons of waste and this just before rainy season and thereby making it impossible to be washed into the ocean when the rain will be coming. They also hire locals to collect and recycle and thus providing valuable jobs. Lembongan will be and stay clean thanks to them. In addition to that they go to local schools to educate on the importance of recycling and waste management.

We were one of the first to support and to accept to pay monthly fees but the good thing is: we are not the only one!!! Other dive centers and businesses in Lembongan do and we are sure will start to do the same. It is a fabulous team work! Thank you Lembongan Cleaning and thank you Carmen for never giving up.