About the Freediver Course

FREEDIVER BEGINNER COURSE AIDA 2 is the introduction to the fascinating world of freediving. This is the most satisying course to start in order to be able to freedive in a safe and rewarding way. 

First of all it will introduce you to what it is all about: relaxation and knowing your body. Then you will start with breathing and breath-holding exercises before you learn the basic skills and safety measures in the water. With this course you will become a certified freediver.

Day 1

Theory session about the physiology of breath-holding, relaxation exercies

Confined water session 1 including static apnea, buddying and rescue exercise

Confined water session 2 including dynamic apnea, focusing on proper body position and finning technique

Day 2

Open water session 1 with free immersion to practise relaxation and equalization as well as duck diving

Open water session 2 with constant weight, rescue exercise and buddying

written exam

Day 3

Open water session including constant weight and buddying, strong focus on fine tuning all the techniques

What is included?

3 days in total

Pool session


Theory session

Confined water session

Professional AIDA recognised Instructor


AIDA certification





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