What is the Mola Mola fish and what are his specifications?

Mola Mola is often called Moonfish or Sunfish because of its shape. Oceanic Mola Mola can be encountered at North Nusa Penida (access from Nusa Lembongan). They are the world heaviest bony fishes and can reach up to 1 ton and have up to 300 millions eggs. They have a specific but nevertheless wonderful look which can be very easily recognised. They have two long dorsal fins which can be up to 3,5 meters. Their body is rounded however they look kind of narrow. Mola Mola is in Bali all year round. However, for most of the year they go extremely deep (around 300 meters), so they can only be seen when the cold current is coming up. During your dive it is crucial to let them come to you, it is the only possibility to really observe them. Mola Mola loves to be cleaned and can stay in an area very long when they feel in peace.