Why some dive centers more expensive than others?

As a client of a dive centre willing to go diving or take a course, you have two choices: either you compromise on quality and ultimately on safety or on the price. A dive centre implies costs linked to safety checks, quality of equipment, boats, or safety standards as the size of the diving group and professional Instructors and Dive Masters. These are only several examples, but there are many more. It is possible to dive for a much cheaper price in dodgy dive centres. However, you always need to think why is this dive centre so cheap, what are the reasons behind that: are they really PADI or counterfeit, is the Dive Master really a Dive Master? It's the same for the Instructors: do they really have the ability to hold a course or a guide? Scuba diving is a beautiful activity but it is an extreme sport, and you need to make sure you are in good hands.