About the Location

Perfect getaway from south Bali located in a tiny traditional village at the east coast of Bali. Tulamben is renowned for hosting one of the most beautiful wrecks in the world: The USAT Liberty. The Tulamben area contains 12 more dive sites in addition to its famous Liberty wreck. Sea conditions are generally calm and access to most dive sites are from the beach. With its world-class biodiversity, Tulamben is particularly recommended for beginners, certified divers, macro lovers, underwater photographers and wreck lovers.

Some of the famous dive sites are the Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden, Batu Kelebit, Batu Niti, Seraya Secrets, Noisy Reefs, Melasti Point, Emerald, Drop off, Wall and Alam Anda.

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Some of the Dive Spots in This Location

USAT Liberty Wreck

Level: Beginner - all levels

Depth: 5 to 30 m

The USAT Liberty is a must for Bali divers and wreck lovers, not only for its history, but for the prolific marine life inhabiting it. It is perfect for a day trip from south Bali. The wreck is suitable for all levels due to its depth and generally calm ocean conditions. The wreck lies on a sandy slope with the top of the wreck close to the surface in 5 m going down to 30 m at the bow. It is covered with beautiful hard and soft corals and surrounded by big schools of fish like jackfish, barracuda and sweetlips. Furthermore you will be able to spot leaf scorpionfish, bluespot stingrays, garden eels as well as crabs, lobsters and nudibranchs. This site is suitable for all levels from beginners without dive experience, to certified divers. 

Coral Garden Tulamben

Level: Beginner - all levels

Depth: 15 m

Coral Garden is a shallow reef close to the Liberty wreck. Most of the reef is between 3-15 m deep and covered with both hard and soft corals. This reef is perfect for all diving experience levels as well as underwater macro photographers. You have a chance to see blue ribbon eels, frogfish, ghostpipefish, many different types of anemone fish, shrimps (including mantis shrimps), nudibranchs, cuttlefish, octopus, black-tip reef sharks, humphead parrotfish and many more!

Drop Off / Wall

Level: Beginner - all levels

Depth: 40 m


A 10 minute walk from the Liberty wreck, this dive site offers a chance to see huge gorgonian fan corals, pygmy seahorses, leaf scorpionfish, frogfish, ghostpipefish and many different nudibranchs.  You start the dive on a protected slope which gradually turns into a wall which drops down to 60 m.  You might encounter some current on the wall, which attracts bigger animals like tuna or sometimes even whalesharks and mantas.