The Marine Protected Area Project (MPAP)


Description of the Divemaster and Marine Biology internship 


The Marine Protected Area Project was founded by Marine Biologist from the Research University of Dalhousie in Halifax, Canada and the PADI Dive Instructors from the Bali Diving Academy who are located at the heart of the Marine Protected Area of Nusa Penida. Their focus is on marine protection and marine conservation projects.

The goal of the Marine Protected Area Project encompasses three interlinked aspects of marine biology and marine conservation:


  • collection of crucial data by doing coral surveys and fish identification that the Bali Diving Academy aims to provide to the Coral Triangle Center in Indonesia. The Coral Triangle Center is the only organisation who defines and takes care of Marine Protected Area in the coral triangle countries.  This organization is concerned with marine protection and marine conservation, and it’s allowed and able to make the bridge between governments, associations and local communities. Hence, the goal is to gather data, which will be used to protect one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Recovery dives are also done with the Bali Diving Academy and the Coral Triangle Center along with the interns of the Marine Protected Area Project.


  • To contribute in identifying the majestic manta rays for the Manta Matcher programme of the Marine Megafauna foundation. This is achieved by scuba diving in the ocean around feeding and cleaning stations for Manta rays in the Marine Protected Area.


  • To train committed underwater naturalists by providing them with the necessary background (5 theory modules taught by a Marine Biologist) to work in serious ocean conservation projects or to be a responsible and knowledgeable professional diver thanks to their valued contribution in the Marine Protected Area Project. At the end of this internship, the trainee will not only be a professional scuba diver but also have a solid understanding of our oceans. The trainee will learn how the oceans are interconnected, and what we can do to keep them healthy for generations to come.


You will be assigned a Marine Biologist as a mentor. The internship is available at the Bali Diving Academy in Lembongan. The Academy is renowned for its professionalism since 1991, and its 100% safety record. It’s Green Fins certified with the best score in Indonesia, collaborates closely with Marine Megafauna Foundation, Coral Triangle Center and National Geographic and is a pioneer of dive training in Indonesia. The Academy also received end of 2018 the PADI Asia Pacific price for its Outstanding Contribution to Diving Training. 


Requirements for application in the Marine Conservation course


There is no need to be a diver or scientist to participate in the marine protection and marine conservation project. However, because this internship is done in conjunction with the PADI Divemaster course,  you will spend a lot of time in the ocean . Therefore, you need to be at least PADI Open Water Course certified. The protection of our nature, environment and underwater biodiversity should be of great importance to you.


Who should apply in the Marine Conservation course and how?


If you want to make a career in the marine conservation, marine biology, diving industry and/or share your knowledge on fish as well as coral identification with your divers, this marine protection internship is for you!

Moreover, if you are a student at the university than this internship can be approved for credit points.

In order to guarantee a high-quality internship with the best conditions, we accept only a limited number of trainees. Don't hesitate to enrol now or ask more information by simply writing an email at: (please cc You can also send an inquiry by the Inquiry form.


How long is the Marine Conservation course and how much does it cost?


The duration of the Marine Protected Area Project depends at which level of PADI certification you are starting. However, the minimum length is 4 weeks. The cost for the PADI Divemaster course with UNLIMITED DIVES (outside the months of July and August) along with the Internship Marine Protected Area Project is USD 1'387 in total.


What are the extra costs in the Marine Conservation course?


  • USD 277 PADI Crew Pack to pay to PADI (study materials for the Padi Divemaster Program)
  • Processing and 1st year PADI Pro Membership fees (approx), also payable to PADI (price depending from which PADI region you belong)


Estimation of additional costs:


  • Transportation from and to South of Bali USD 40
  • Accommodation of around USD 250 to USD 300 per month depending on low or high season. When you share a room this cost can also be shared.
  • Lunch is provided when diving


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