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Special Offers

Size sometimes does matter

Travelling with a group?

Arranging a trip to Bali with friends is an exciting experience! What a great destination to share with fellow divers, above and under the water!

At the same time, your group has specific needs, requiring a clear logistic and some flexibility in order to make everybody happy.
"Should we go to Pemuteran? Or better Tulamben?" "How many days?" "What about this temple on the way?" "I like macro" "I don't like macro, I want to see sharks" "Your husband does not dive?" "What about the kids while we dive?"... Familiar with the discussion?

Bali Diving Academy has a specific team specialized in the organization of groups, with boats, guides and personalized programs only for you, maximizing the enjoyment of everyone involved in diving and snorkeling activities in our Academies.
With 4 different Diving Centers, we usually combine two locations and a few interesting and tours to give you the opportunity to have several underwater experiences in only one holiday! Personalized programs for non divers and children are also available.

As we want to make it even easier for you to arrange a visit to Bali at its best (which happens to be considered "low season" while it is actually the most enjoyable, no crowded time of the year!), have a look below:

For every booking confirmed between March 14th, 2016 until December 31th, 2016:

Stay between January 15th, 2017 until March  31st, 2017:

Groups min. 9 divers until 17 divers: 1 diver will dive FREE OF CHARGE
Groups min. 18 divers until 26 divers : 2 divers will dive FREE OF CHARGE
Groups min. 27 divers up until 35 divers: 3 divers will dive FREE OF CHARGE
Groups min. 36 divers up until 44 divers: 4 divers will dive FREE OF CHARGE

Additionally, for all groups above booking a transfer + accommodation + diving + tours package:

- equipment rental  FREE OF CHARGE (computer not included)
- lunch included every diving day...

... and 25 years of Bali Diving Academy's experience and professionalism, always there to assist you in every step of your fantastic journey.

Send us an email now, mention "Size sometimes does matter" in the subject and we will be happy to create a personalized package for all of you!

*This promo cannot be combined with other exisiting promotions and specials and it is valid for direct bookings only

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