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Underwater photography speciality course with Bali Diving Academy

Bianca came to Bali Diving Academy in the beginning of this year when she did her open water and advanced course with us. She already showed a lot of interest for underwater photography.

In October Bianca came again and signed up for the Padi underwater photography speciality course. However, and we think a lot of new (and established) Photographers could take an example; she first wanted to see in the pool how her camera affected her buoyancy. She really did not want to damage the reef.

This practising resulted in good under water behaviour. Her photography also profited from this. She wanted to learn as much as is possible in the time she had in Pemuteran. We started with macro and then followed up with wide angle. She saw photos where the shot was taken with the sun in the background. She wanted to master this skill, so she completed 3 dives at the Biorock project. It has shallow water subjects and is ideal for practise. Once Bianca managed to take the preferred shot we went on to Temple wall only 5 minutes by boat from Bali Diving Academy.

Here we find statues overgrown with corals in 14 meters of depth. We went late afternoon so the sun would be low on the horizon. Furthermore our manager and instructor Dray acted as her model, so did Ayu. The results were stunning and we are looking forward to see more in the future to come.

A well aware and skilled underwater photographer has emerged, congratulations Bianca.

She is a true role model for lots of ambitious underwater photographers, the environment comes first, the picture second. 












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