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Two New Local Dive Master's With Bali Diving Academy

Earlier in 2015 we started looking to sponsor some local Indonesian Divers to be trained up to Divemaster level in an Internship program. After a selection process and some job interviews two candidates were chosen from Java to complete in the program. Ilham and Punto started in June 2015 and moved from Java to Nusa Lembongan.

EFR Training in Nusa Lembongan

As both were already certified divers they could start straight away and fit in with the rest of the team really well. Now a few month later, they are almost finished with their initial training and will stay with Bali Diving Academy for at least another year.  They gained a lot of valuable experience while helping out on courses from Discover Scuba Diving up till rescue and assisted the more experienced Divemasters and Instructors over the last few month and a very busy high season.

Punto and Ilham Join Bali Diving Academy

As Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida offers some of the best diving in Bali, both Ilahm and Punto have been rewarded with  their fair share of Manta Rays, countless Mola’s, sharks and loads of other very interesting marine life.  The diving in this waters can be a quite challenging at times, from stronger currents, bigger swell and most certainly colder water temperatures which dropped this year to as low as 13 degrees. 

This is certainly a little bit more challenging than diving in Tulamben with famous Liberty ship wreck or other various dive sites around. 

Using the shop camera both developed a keen interest in underwater photography and some of their pictures or short videos can also be seen on the Bali Diving Academy Facebook site . Now  with the low season period approaching, Bali Diving Academy is planning to give both of them a chance to visit some other diving locations like Amed, the wreck in Tulamben and certainly also visit Pemuteran and dive the Biorock project and of course Menjangan national park.  As Bali Diving Academy has multiple dive centers on different places on the Bali map, we are in the perfect position to offer this. 

This will enhance Ilhams and Puntos experience even further and they can bring new skills back to Nusa Lembongan to take out our guests in 2016 and hopefully beyond. We are planning to start with another candidate sometime in January or February to join our team and give someone else the unique opportunity to receive job training for free, this way BDA creates new jobs and employ more local Indonesian citizens. A huge thank you from Bali Diving Academy to all the work and effort you put in so far, just an exam, a couple of skills to go through and you will be fully qualified Padi Divemasters.  

Well done :)

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