New at Bali Diving Academy, we offer freediving courses and fun freedive in Pemuteran, Nusa Lembongan and Tulamben!

Go back to the source and dive the original way by holding your breath. Experience the silence of the ocean and explore not only the beautiful underwater world and the clear waters of Bali, but also your own body and mind. Train in breathing, finning and equalization techniques as well as mental strength to advance your skills in the water while also benefiting from this training on land.

Bali Diving Academy offers courses to learn the practice of freediving in a safe and structured way from beginner to experienced freediver. Even for already certified and experienced freedivers we offer the infrastructure and support for perfectly safe freedive training and for fun freediving.

All our courses and freediving practices are taught and supervised by an experienced PADI and AIDA qualified freediving instructor.


About the Master Freediver Course

This course will make of you a complete freediver who manages all the aspects and techniques of freediving competently and independently. You will have deep understanding of static, dynamic and constant weight techniques, as well as the buddy system. Besides perfectioning your technique and pushing your limits further you will have a level of expertise to be able to go safely with a buddy freediving on your own without the assistance of a PADI professional.


Day 1

Theory session about physiology and line set-up

Confined water session 1 including static apnea and dynamic apnea

Open water session 1 and handy only in ascend plus CWT

Day 2


Theory session and warm up

Confined water session 2 and training session

Open water session 2 and FRC dives, mouthfil training and 1 fin rescue

Day 3


Open water session 3 incuding FRC dives and deep dives

Theory session and advance training and nutrition

Open water session 4 including FRC dives, CWT, mouthfil and rescue

Day 4


Open water session 5 including FRC dives, CWT and mouthfill

Written exam

Day 5 Open water session 6 (only for AIDA certification) and FRC dives, CWT and mouthfill


IDR 7'600'000


What will you learn?

Objective: 3minutes 30 seconds on static breath holding and dynamic apnea of 70 meters. Perfection of preparation skills for open freediving and aiming for a depth of 27 meters on constant weight