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Bali with Kids

Bali with Kids

Are you thinking about coming to Bali but are wondering how to handle the holiday with your children?

Bali is a Paradise not only for adults, but also for kids!

This island is a perfect destination for families with kids. In Balinese culture, children are kings and queens and the Balinese always make families welcome.

Water activities, nature, adventure, animals, culture, amusement; there is so much to do and explore!

You will be able to share your Cultural & Spiritual, Adventure & Nature and Dining activities with your kids. We will help you choose the best programs according to their ages and preferences and coordinate them with you.

While you are diving, we are able to provide baby sitters at your accommodation or at the dive site.

If you want your kids to start to share your diving experience with you, don’t miss the chance for them to follow the Bubblemaker program, from 8 years old, or take their Open Water Diving license (from 10 years old)!

During your shopping excursions in the South area of the island, there are some entertaining and safe kids clubs, as well as baby sitters who, if booked in advance, might be able to speak your own language.

Take the chance to discover Bali through the eyes of your children. You will create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Special Note for Health:

It is difficult for us to give advice valid for everyone. However, we always recommend talking to your doctor at home before coming to Bali to find out if there are vaccines you and your kids should have and what emergency kit medication to bring with you. If your child is using a specific medication, make sure you bring an ample supply of it with you, because in Bali it might not be available.

We also suggest having a valid health insurance,  a recommendation for everyone traveling anywhere in the world.

When you travel informed, you can build safety into your Bali trip. Many expatriates from around the world live on Bali with their very young children and each month sees more families arriving to make this the island their home.

We would be happy to give you the best advice available for holidaying in Bali with your children!

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